When Moving the Piece…

Have a second person nearby: If you lose sight of where you’re going, you’ll need a second person to direct or help you carry.

Keep your hands outside the piece: Whenever possible, keep your hands to the outside. Your knuckles can buffer an unexpected collision rather than risk damage to the piece’s edges.

When lifting and carrying, support the piece underneath its center of gravity:

Chairs: Lift underneath the seat rails, not by the arms or back.

Tables: Lift at the lowest possible point of the frame, not by the tabletop.

Figure Sculptures: Lift by the base of the artwork, keeping a hand further up to steady it, not by the arms or head.

Paintings: Lift with one hand underneath the bottom frame stretcher and the other hand steadying a side frame stretcher, not at the top of the painting, any part of the canvas, or any other part of the stretcher.

If you are transporting to a moving vehicle, be sure the piece can withstand vibrations from the drive. Tables with slim legs or top-heavy pieces may need turning upside-down or sideways.