Dust, Smoke, Chemicals & Gasses

Light exposure and humidity aren’t the only environmental threats to antiques. Thankfully, a keen eye – and preparedness – can prevent disaster.

Dust: Dust and other airborne pollutants can generate inside or outside your building. While much interior dust is contained within carpets or rugs, the solution is simple - vacuuming. Exterior dust is also easily reduced just by limiting amounts of outside air entering the house via doors, windows, and other openings (a principle also applicable to outdoor chemical pollutants). Further problems can be eliminated with well-maintained, properly-filtered air conditioning.

Smoke: Keep valuable pieces away from tobacco, fireplaces, oil-burning heating units, and kitchen cooking areas where deposits of tough-to-clean grime accumulate.

Chemicals and Gasses: Many paints, floor coatings, and other household products emit powerful fumes that can damage sensitive finishes. As a general rule, if the fumes are bad for you to breathe, don’t expose them to valuable objects, either.