Assess the Stability of the Piece Before Moving

Closely examine the piece: Fragile or loose areas may need to be secured or avoided. Depending on value, type of instability, or other particulars, a specialist may first need to gauge damage and stabilize.

Furnishings: Check for loose or broken arms or legs, detached moldings/carvings, or any part at risk of detaching, becoming unstable, or posing a potential hazard to the stability of the overall piece during a move.

Finishes: Check for loose or lifting areas. This is crucial for hand-painted, gilded, or gesso ground finishes.

Sculpture/decoration: Check pieces of sculpture and/or extended decorations for loose or broken portions.

Ceramics: Check ceramics and serving ware for broken arms or handles.

Veneer/inlays: Check for delamination (separation of layers) needing to be secured or avoided.

Don’t forget to check portions intended to detach or slide out. These include drawers, doors, sliding surfaces, shelves, and removable parts of objects (lids or interior elements).