Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Upholtsry conservation
Upholstery after cleaning
Upholstered chair cushion, seen before and after cleaning and repair by Bernacki & Associates

Aubusson settee with restored upholstery
In a project involving textile restoration, an exquisite Aubusson settee is returned to its original condition

Eastlake Chair - descoverying original upholstery cover
Upholstery restoration sometimes goes beyond the surface. When restoring an Eastlake Chair belonging to Mother Cabrini – the first U.S. citizen canonized by the Catholic Church - Bernacki & Associates discovered an original upholstery cover, forgotten during previous restoration attempts

Easlake Chair after conservation
Mother Cabrini’s chair, seen after conservation by Bernacki & Associates. The original seat cover was re-integrated and the back rest covered in cushioning from new material, imitating the original look. With visual integrity revived, the chair could now be properly displayed as a historic object

Chair before re-upholstery
Chair re-upholstered using traditional methods and materials
A chair seen before, then after traditional re-upholstery in client’s choice of fabric

Club chair with upholstery beyond repair
Re-upholstered club chair
As seen in the “Before” photo, this club chair’s upholstery was beyond repair. The “After” photo shows complete restoration, allowing it to remain functional for daily use

Before upholstery became more common in the 18th century, loose cushions were the only means of providing sitting comfort on wooden furniture. Horsehair, tree moss, dried grass, cotton, excelsior and wood shavings were materials used as padding. Some antiques used unusual springs that are no longer being made.

There are various levels of restoration, from reusing the existing materials to complete replacement. Bernacki & Associates offers modern & traditional upholstery techniques to bring furniture to its original look and function, including fabric and textile restoration.