Bernacki & Associates - Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Bernacki & Associates, Inc.
Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture & Objects

Conservation and Restoration of
Fine Furniture and Objects

Bernacki & Associates, Inc. was established over
20 years ago, and has since become one of the
most respected furniture and object conservation
firms in the Chicago area. The company offers
a wide array of conservation services for period
and modern furniture, wooden artifacts and
upholstery. Finishing capabilities include
consolidation, French polishing, traditional and
modern finishes, and gold and silver leafing.
We employ methods and materials to solve the
most difficult structural problems from veneer work
to missing parts reproduction, Boulle work and
leather tooling.

Bernacki & Associates, Inc. is a member
of Conservation & Design International, and takes
part in DPR Art Rescue 24-hour emergency
in collaboration with recognized
conservators and art handlers, Parma
Conservation, Ltd.
, and Terry Dowd, Inc.

Museums, private collectors, antique and art
dealers, designers, and insurance claims
specialists have utilized the services of Bernacki
& Associates, Inc. as the most comprehensive
conservation and restoration resource locally and
nationwide. Most recently we were called to
assess damage created by Hurricane Katrina,
Iowa and Texas flooding.

All work completed by Bernacki & Associates,
Inc. is strictly documented and performed in
accordance to the standards of the AIC code
of ethics.

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